Pagnelinan: More Money for Rev & Tax Collection Efforts


Guam –  Appropriations Committee Chairman Senator Ben Pangelinan says that money has been set aside in the 2011 Budget to “beef up” Rev & Tax collection effort so they can collect more money for GovGuam.

In a release, the Senator says that 10% of the re-imbursement from the Additional Tax Credit will be set aside for the Department of Revenue and Taxation to “beef up” tax collection efforts.

The incentive compensation plans allows Revenue and Tax employees a way to motivate the men and women in the front lines to quickly process and pay these returns” Pangelinan said. According to the proposed budget bill, the Department of Revenue and Taxation will receive a total of $30,000 for payment of the compensation plan.

Pangelinan is quoted in the release as saying that:

“Payment of income tax refunds needs to be prioritized and processed quickly to ensure the taxpayer receives their monies. In addition, the prioritization of refunds will result in timely cash re-imbursement to the government of credits to taxpayers as a result of changes by Congress.”

“The Department of Revenue and Taxation as the main revenue agent of the government of Guam needs to have the necessary tools to do its job. As policymakers, we recognize this importance which is why the Department of Revenue and Taxation is one of the few agencies that have funded vacancies.”

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