Pair Arrested for Armed Robbery of Tanota Gardens


The suspects got away with $1,550 in cash and an employee’s purse.

Guam – Guam Police arrested a 43-year-old woman and a 28-year-old man for robbing the Tanota Gardens in Dededo Tuesday evening.

Jennifery Dydasco Santos was charged in court with second degree robbery. Domingo Chargualaf Mendiola was charged by police with second degree robbery, theft of property, conspiracy, guilt established by complicity and criminal facilitation.

According to a magistrate complaint, Mendiola entered the Tanota Gardens office and held two employees at gun point. Mendiola was able to take off with $1,550 in cash and an employee’s purse.

Police arrived on scene in time to witness a man get into the getaway vehicle, a Mistubishi Outlander, and speed off.

Police say they were able to locate the vehicle and interview Santos who admitted to the robbery, but said she did not know that Mendiola was planning to rob Tanota Gardens.

Mendiola was eventually located and apprehended.


  1. I know the bleeding heart liberals will say that these 2 individuals are a product of broken homes and if given a chance, could become productive members of society. I on the other hand will say “you reap what you sow.” These are adults we’re talking about who chose to do wrong and will hopefully be held accountable for their actions. Case closed.

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