Palacios Calls on AG To Investigate GPD Over BBQ Video Leak


Guam – Senator Adolpho Palacios has called on the Guam Attorney General to investigate the possibility that a laptop computer being held as evidence by the Guam Police Department may have been tampered with.

The laptop was seized during the course of the murder investigation of DOC inmate Arlen Feranco who was killed inside the prison on May 19th of this year. DOC inmate Steven Albertson has been charged with killing him.

A letter from Senator Palacios, who Chairs the Legislature’s Public Safety Committee, to Acting Attorney General John Weisenberger, states:  

“This office requests that the Attorney General of Guam conduct a preliminary inquiring [sic] into the possibility that the evidence (laptop computer) in the possession of the Guam Police Department (GPD) might have been tampered with.”

In his letter, Senator Palacios states that following:

1. “The laptop computer was confiscated by GPD in connection with the Verango [sic Feranco] homicide investigation” and that it’s been in GPD’s possession ever since.

2. The video footage aired on three media outlets last week came from the hard drive of the laptop computer that is being held as evidence by GPD.

3. GPD responded, thru media, that the laptop was never tampered with, but did not deny that the video footage might have come from the laptop.

4. GPD’S handling and security of evidence has been questioned before. The erasure from the hard drive of Mr. Jim Adkins’ phone/camera, of the auto accident snapshots, is a recent example of tampering of evidence while in the possession of GPD.

Palacios argues that “sufficient circumstances exist which warrants, at the least, a preliminary inquiry, by your office as to the origin of the video footage and the eventual leak of the footage, to make sure that the ends of justice is not jeopardize. The GPD denial of involvement may be bias.”