Palacios Calls on AG to Conduct Inquiry Into Release of Parolees Without Parole Board Approval


Guam – Senator Adolpho Palacios is calling on the Guam Attorney General to conduct an investigation into the release of  3 parolees without the approval of the Territorial Parole Board.

In a letter to Attorney General Lenny Rapadis, Senator Palacios says that the parolees were released because of the “failure of the Territorial Parole Board to meet and take action on their requests for parole.”

And Senator Palacios  calls on the AG to “advise this office under what authority were the release[s] made.”

A new law,  sponsored by Senator Palacios, raised the number of members of the parole Board to 7. But there are currently only 3 members. 5 would be needed for a quorum under a new law.

In addition, Senator Palacios states that he will continue to urge the Governor to take action and appoint individuals to serve on the Board. And once confirmed, “the new members will work with current members to act on pending business of the Board in a timely manner.”