Palacios Moving Forward With Plans For New GPD/GFD Headquarters


Guam- Senator Adolpho Palacios is already moving forward in the process of building a new headquarters for the Guam police and fire departments.

Palacios says he already met with the Guam Judiciary on the possibility of implementing a surcharge on citations to help fund the new facility. While he re-introduced his measure to construct dual headquarters for GPD and GFD, he may prepare a different bill with more details once he meets with the police and fire chiefs. As for GPD being kicked out of Tiyan on September 30 because of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the Senator says he will be looking into amending the law to include the police department on airport property.

“We cannot imagine a GPD really being kicked out and nowhere to go” said Palacios. “We cannot imagine that happening. Something is going to happen, meaning in remedying the situation, at least on a temporary basis.”

Palacios also says he may be drafting letters and a legislative resolution to the federal government on this matter in the coming months.