Palacios plans to appeal court decision

Joshua Palacios (PNC file photo)

Now that Joshua Rivera Palacios was sentenced to life imprisonment, his legal counsel says they plan to appeal the decision.

Palacios was found guilty for the murder of Keith Castro, earlier this month.

And today he was sentenced to spend the rest of his life behind bars but with a chance of parole.

Judge Vernon P. Perez sentenced Palacios to life imprisonment plus an additional 15 years for murdering Keith Castro.

Earlier this month, a jury found Palacios guilty of Murder as a First Degree Felony with a Special Allegation for the Possession or Use of a Deadly Weapon in the Commission of a Felony.

The defendant will not be eligible for parole for 30 years.

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“The court has sentenced the defendant to life in prison for the murder of Mr. Castro with a consecutive 15-year sentence for the special allegation of possessing and using a firearm during the killing,” said Prosecuting Attorney Richelle Canto. “This means the defendant will serve at least 30 years in prison, which cannot be suspended. Although no amount of punishment in this case can bring the late Mr. Castro back to life, it is our hope that the conviction and life sentence will provide his family closure and allow them to heal, as well as ensuring the safety of our community.”

In an interview with PNC, Palacios’s Attorney, Thomas Fisher, says that he plans to appeal the case.

Fisher adds that they will be able to do so, once a judgment is issued by the court in the coming days.

Then they will file a notice of appeal to kick things off.

Palacios was charged with murder with the special allegations of use of a deadly weapon in the commission of a felony, according to court documents.

Court documents state that Keith Castro was at a residence in Yigo to sell a motor vehicle.

According to court reports, Thomas Taitano arrived at the residence that night and began to fight with Castro.

Taitano is one of the suspects in the shooting death and documents state that he was armed with a baton.

Then, according to court reports, Palacios shot Castro in the torso.

The shooting death happened on July 28, 2019.