Palacios Questions Ishizaki’s Appointment as Deputy Chief


Guam – Public Safety Committee Chairman Senator Adolpho Palacios is questioning the appointment of Frank Ishizaki as Deputy Chief to the Guam Police Department.

In a release to the media today [Thursday], Senator Palacios says he is concerned that Ishizaki’s appointment has by-passed the statutory requirement to “submit to and pass a polygraph examination.”

The announcement of Ishizaki’s appointment as Deputy Chief was made last Friday indicating that Ishizaki had in fact been appointed two weeks prior to last Friday on September 21. That was one day before Ishizaki stepped down as Acting Chief saying he did not want to go through the confirmation process. The Deputy Chief’s position does not require legislative confirmation. But Palacios says the Deputy Chief’s position does require other tests like a drug test, a psychological exam as well as a polygraph.

On Monday, Ishizaki told PNC News that the delay in making the announcement of his appointment as Deputy Chief was due to a bureaucratic foul up which he took responsibility for.

Also on Monday Senator Palacios told PNC News that he was concerned that any official actions that Ishizaki might take could be challenged because he did not fulfill the legal requirements for the position.

Today, in his release, Senator Palacios said that he is concerned about the appointment because “skipping a process required by law” raises questions about “the validity of the authority vested in the office.”

The Legislature’s Public Safety Committee Chairman states that: “A challenge in the future may occur should Mr. Ishizaki sign a document that requires his signature” and that challenge “may occur even several years after he left office.”