Palacios Says NO to DOA’s Request To Repeal Remaining Public Safety Pay Increases


Guam – Senator Adolpho Palacios says he has rejected a request from the Department of Administration to repeal PL 29-105 which calls for a series of 4 pay increases for  public safety and law enforcement personnel, 2 of which remain to be implemented.

The letter from DOA, he said, essentially recommended the cancellation of the remaining 2 pay increases which add up to a 20% pay hike.

In a release today [Friday] Palacios said that his “office has no intention of repealing PL 29-105.”

However, the Public Safety Committee Chairman says that the Camacho Administration has informed him that the 3erd 10% pay increase will be postponed because the Administration has decided instead to adopt the pay recommendations of the Hay Study, first.

Palacios says that the explanation given to lawmakers was that the Hay recommendations will benefit almost all of the nearly 6,000 line agency employees which the Hay Study addressed.

The Public Safety Committee Chairman says that most law enforcement personnel will still be covered by the Hay Study recommendations, although they will not be getting as much of an increase as they would have if  the 10% adjustment had taken effect on October 1 as scheduled.

Palcios says “the comforting note is that the implementation of the Hay recommendations will not negate, void or cancel the eventual the implementation of the remaining 2 10% salary increases, which are required by Public Law 29-105 and he emphasized that the postponement of the third 10% increment is only a temporary delay.