Palacios Wants GPD’s Plans to Fill Commander and Major Positions Put On Hold


Guam – The Legislature’s Public Safety Chairman wants the Guam Police Department to hold off on filling the currently vacant Police Commander and Police Major positions.

GPD has submitted GG-1’s to BBMR to fill the 2 vacancies.

But in a letter to Bureau of Budget & Management Research [BBMR] Director Bertha Duenas, Senator Adolpho Palacios argues that it is more important to fill the vacant patrol officer positions first.

The Senator writes that “This office feels that the filling of the Police Commander and Police Major vacancies may not be as urgent as filling vacant positions for patrol officers.”

Palacios also argues that the request to fill the 2 vacancies comes at a time when GPD “is struggling to pay overtime owed to police officers, to pay vendors, to pay for the headquarters lease.”

And the Senator points out that “the implication of filling the vacancies in the next three months is that the promotees would occupy the positions for long-term, well in [sic] the administration of the new Chief of Police,” which Palacios says may be chosen within the first part of next year. Acting GPD Chief Rick Leon Guerrero has already indicated that he does not want to go through the confirmation process.

“This office request that BBMR defer filling the vacancies … as a courtesy to the incoming Chief of Police.”

Palacios also wrote to Governor-Elect Eddie Calvo asking him to urge “Governor Camacho to defer filling the two top positions … and to extend the courtesy to the incoming administration and incoming new Chief of Police to do so.”