Palacios Wants GPD To Prove the Prison BBQ Video Did Not Come from The Computer They Hold In Evidence


Guam – Senator Adolpho Palacios has called on the Guam Attorney General to investigate the possibility that a laptop computer being held as evidence by the Guam Police Department may have been tampered with.


Palacios says he has asked for an inquiry for a mild investigation. He wants the people of guam to get an explanation of what took place.

According to Palacios, its not enough that GPD makes a claim of innocence when they are actually the object of the doubt  This is not the first time that the integrity and security of GPD’s evidence has been questioned.

Palacios says, “The laptop was seized during the course of the murder investigation of DOC inmate Arlen Feranco this past may. he says that the video of a barbeque at the prison that was leaked to the media last week came from the laptop’s harddrive.according to palacios during this investigation he wants GPD to prove that the footage didn’t come from them. He says if you can’t trust GPD, then who can you trust.