Palacios Questions Proposed Use of Vehicle Maintenance Funds to Cover Cost of Lieutenant Promotions


Guam – Senator Adolpho Palacios, the Chair of the Legislature’s Public Safety Committee wants to know whether funds approved for the maintenance of Guam Police vehicles is being transferred to pay for salaries instead.

In a letter to Acting Guam Police Chief Rick Leon Guerrero, Senator Palacios claims he has received “very reliable” information that funds for  GPD fleet vehicle maintenance are being considered for transfer to pay for the salaries of  3 Lieutenant promotions.

Palacios calls that “disturbing.”

The Senator points out that the $200-thousand dollars in funding was approved to repair 10 police motorcycles and several cruisers and get them back on the street.

Palacios says if those funds end up being transferred to pay for personnel costs, that would “raise serious doubts” in the legislature about the “sincerity” of the Police Department’s claim they urgently need funds to repair vehicles.

The Senator urges the Acting Chief to leave the vehcile repair funds alone.