Palau tests 122 US military personnel for COVID-19

US military personnel who are part of the Koa Moana mission undergo COVID-19 testing in Palau.

The Palau Ministry of Health has tested 122 military personnel who are part of the Koa Moana mission.

The Koa Moana is on a United States military humanitarian mission designed to strengthen relationships and provide technical assistance and training in the Pacific.

The US military team is in Palau to repair the Peleliu Airfield.

Prior to deploying, all Koa Moana military personnel went into quarantine, and all tested negative for COVID-19.

Upon arrival, the Ministry of Health tested all military personnel, who will remain onboard until tests results become available.

If their results are negative, 69 of the 122 service members will deploy to Peleliu and set up camp at the airfield; the other 53 will remain onboard the military vessel City of Bismarck.

Their movements will be restricted to the Peleliu airfield and their vessel for an additional 14 days, with no contact with the local people. This will serve as their quarantine period, after which they will be tested again before they are allowed to resume other activities that involve contact with Palau’s residents.