Pangelinan Asks DPW to Remember Cyclists and Pedestrians in Construction Plans


Guam – Senator Ben Pangelinan (D), Chairman of the Committee on Appropriations, Taxation, Banking, Insurance, Retirement & Land sent a letter to Mr. Andy Leon Guerrero, Director of DPW to remind him to comply with Pl 29-98, authored by Senator Pangelinan to incorporate bicycle lanes and pedestrian walkways in the planning and development of primary and secondary roads on Guam. With all the ongoing construction projects to improve Guam’s roads, it does not appear that bike and pedestrian lanes have been included in DPW’s plans.  

Senator Pangelinan says, “I applaud the efforts of DPW for planning these much needed improvements on our roadways, however DPW is not complying with the provisions of PL 29-98. This violation is evident by simply looking at completed projects throughout the island. PL 29-98 was passed for a reason; to specifically make available bike enthusiasts and pedestrians to use our roadways in a safe manner.” 

This is the second letter Senator Pangelinan has written to Mr. Leon Guerrero to remind him that PL 29-98 requires bike lanes and pedestrian walkways for all projects and may only be taken out if it presents unsafe conditions. 

Senator Pangelinan further states, “If we plan the incorporation of bicycle lanes and pedestrian walkways at the beginning of the planning and design of road projects, I cannot see any justification for their elimination. This policy only enhances and ensures the safety and welfare of the public community”. 

The letter also requests a listing of all road construction projects and the information related to the incorporation of PL 29-098 in these projects.