Pangelinan Bill Would Allow Reprogramming of Guam DOE SFSF Funds


Guam -Senator Ben Pangelinan  has introduced  a bill that provides the necessary budget adjustments required by the U.S. DOE to allow for the transfer of  State Fiscal Stabilization Funds [SFSF].

In a release, Senator Panagleinan states that Bill 103-31 was drafted in January of this year as a solution for the Guam Department of Education (GDOE) to prevent the loss of the funds due to a lengthy procurement process or bid protests.

Read Bill 103

It also serves as an alternative to Bill 48 which waives procurement law for the GDOE in an effort to hurry up and spend the SFSF funds. 

The Senator is quoted in the release as saying :“Allowing DOE to shortcut the procurement process is setting DOE and the government of Guam up for failure…..The use of SFSF funds for operational expenditures provides their best use at this point in the grant cycle and it represents a win-win approach because it preserves the integrity of the procurement process, prevents loss of the funds by DOE and provides short term financial relief for local funds.

A letter and copy of the legislation introduced was sent to Anthony Miller, the Deputy Secretary of the US Department of Education, in Washington D.C. who is reported to be the person who wold approve the reprogramming proposal.

Read Pangelinan’s letter to U.S. DOE’s Miller