Pangelinan Calls on Acting Speaker Cruz to Convene Session to Attach Exhibit “A’ to Bill 19


Guam – Senator Ben Pangelinan is calling on Acting Speaker B.J. Cruz to convene Session immediately so that Exhibit  “A” can be attached to the controversial gaming tax bill approved unanimously by lawmakers on Monday.

But Senator Tom Ada says its too late. He told PNC News Wednesday that Bill #19, which passed unanimously on Monday, is being sent over to the Governor’s Office without Exhibit  “A” attached. 


The Senator said that both he and Acting Speaker B.J. Cruz reviewed the tapes of Monday’s Session and agreed that Senator Pangelinan never clearly stated that Exhibit “A” should be incorporated into his amendment, so it will not be included in the bill being sent to the Governor.

Exhibit “A” is a list of  how much each vendor owes GMH.  Both the Pangelinan and the San Nicolas amendments to Bill #19 to end the tax on gaming, and ban gaming all together, were meant to kick-in once all the vendors on the list had been paid.

Without that list, there is no end, the trigger to stop the tax and ban all gaming is gone. 

The bills for patient care at GMH and the need to pay them is perpetual, and so too will be the tax on gaming to pay for it, if Bill #19 is signed into law. And since the GMH debt never gets paid off, San Nicolas’ ban on all gaming would never be realized.

Chief of Staff Frank Arriola has already said he will recommend that the Governor sign Bill #19.

READ Senator Pangelinan’s letter to Acting Speaker Cruz below:

Senator Benjamin J. Cruz  – Acting Speaker
I Mina ’lreníai Dos na Lŕheslaturcm
155 Hesler St.

Hagatna, Guam

RE: Call to Session

Hafa Adai Acting Speaker,

I understand that you are considering transmitting Bill 19-32 (COR)  without the attachment of Exhibit A as passed unanimously by I  Liheslaturan Guahan to the Governor for his action.

Bill  19-32 (COR) without the attachment of Exhibit A renders the bill non-sensical.

The recent confusion regarding the attachment of  Exhibit A to  19 Shouîd not be used as an excuse to torpedo the bill. 

Therefore, I am requesting that you Call the I Liheslatura Guahan into session for the purpose of attaching Exhibit A to Bili 19 prior to transmittal to the Governor.

Vicente (ben) Cabrera Pangelinan