Papua New Guinea Gives Floral Arrangements Demo


Meet Florist Mary Elizabeth Saun.

Guam – It’s the fourth day of FESTPAC and today, we visited the FESTPAC Village and attended Papua New Guinea’s floral presentation.


Meet Florist Mary Elizabeth Saun from Papua New Guinea. Saun demonstrated how she would prepare a floral arrangement. She also showed us how to choose which flowers to use for what occasions, how to determine the quality of plants, and which plants and flowers would be great together. Saun explains that in Papua New Guinea, there is a huge demand for natural flowers because they use it for every function, whether it’s a wedding, funeral, or even for work conferences or meetings. She hopes that Guam will have more florists and she encourages residents to buy local.

Saun says, “Arranging them and putting them together is something that is being introduced. Long ago, we love flowers. We grow flowers. We think it’s just for home decorations but now, we’re taking them into the homes, into the office, into the function rooms so there’s a big demand at Papua New Guinea. Every function, wedding, funerals, we have flowers, especially natural flowers. We’re cutting through the artificial flowers. We want to do away with that and use natural flowers.”