Para Hita Todu Confident Guam Military Buildup Will Happen


Guam – Pro-buildup non-profit group Para Hita Todu is among those who believe that the military buildup on Guam will happen.

 Although the U.S. Senate may be reluctant to fully fund the buildup, Para Hita Todu member Ben Palacios says that Asia-Pacific realignment plan has been in the works for many years. Becuase of this he believes the buildup will happen just maybe not at the pace it was originally thought to occur. Senator Claire Mccaskill has said that the senate will block any funding of the buildup until DOD produces a master plan and justifies it’s financial requests. Palacios believes DOD will produce this plan and will justify it’s spending requests. “I mean the buildup will happen the relocation within the Korean peninsula is been happening and that’s ongoing for the past two or three years,” said Palacios adding, “but the buildup for Guam which is basically started but again the completion date will be more to the right is the buildup on Guam gonna happen yes it will happen.” 13:25

 In the meantime Palacios says Para Hita Todu will continue to collect signatures for it’s petition in favor of the buildup. Para Hita Todu plans on presenting a petition with at least 15 thousand signatures to Washington D.C. to show U.S. leaders that the silent majority on Guam is in support of the buildup.