Paras Pleads Guilty To Laundering Drug Funds


Guam – In District Court, Ricardo S. Paras Jr. has agreed to plead guilty to a charge of money laundering in connection with his role in a conspiracy to smuggle the drug known as ice from the Philippines into Guam.

The plea agreement was filed with the court last Friday. The change of plea was heard in District Court this morning [Thursday].

Read the Plea Agreement              

According to the plea agreement:

* Paras “has been a user of methamphetamine hydrochloride (ice) for several years.”

* 2 of the people he bought “ice” from “are Gina Medina and Henry Fresnoza.”

* Paras “knew that Medina and Fresnoza were trafficking in large quantities of ice.”

* Paras wire transferred a total of $30,900 that he received “from Medina and Fresnoza … to various persons in the Philippines.”

* Paras “intended that the money wired in each of these transfers be used to promote” the smuggling of ice into Guam for sale here.

According to the plea agreement, the U.S. will recommend leniency in sentencing and agrees that any self-incriminating information Paras provides will not be used against him, provided that he fully cooperates with the ongoing investigation into the smuggling of “ice” from the Philippines into Guam.