Parents express mixed views on online learning

Guam Department of Education (PNC file photo)

Since the beginning of the first week of home learning and the recent switch to online only, parents have expressed their experiences with the new program and the effects it has on them and their kids.

With the new restrictions in place, parents who have started the home learning program have mixed views on the program. Lorilyn Santa Ana, a parent of a student who is a non-verbal autistic, says that it can be challenging as her son is very much used to his routines.

“To make him try to learn, like you know, the difference from school and home, I have to tell him, I have to keep telling him, Zedrick, I know you want to go to school. I know he’s always excited to go to school that’s why he likes to ride the SPED bus, that’s one of his favorite stuff, but I have to tell him, this time around, the school year isn’t really going to be like that, like a daily basis,” Santa Ana said.

She added: “Going to school, riding the bus, this time you have to work at home, do your work at home. But I also tell him, well we’ll see what kind of work you have from your teacher, what did they give you and we can see if we can work on it,” Santa Ana said.

Jahnsen Quintal, another parent, said that his experience with home learning was actually more positive.

“I mean, my son’s enjoying it. He gets to wake up anytime he wants, like 10 minutes before going to school or something like that. But you know, I practice with him, waking up super early, what else? As far as, for online schooling, the only downfall of that is just hoping that, because I work for telecommunications, I’m just hoping that lines don’t go do or the internet goes down on them while they’re in the middle of learning,” Quintal said.

With five GDOE employees testing positive for COVID-19, GDOE spokesperson Isa Baza states there is a possibility that face-to-face instruction will be pushed back from the original August 31st date, depending on the health situation and whether the island is in PCOR1.