Parents have until today to decide GDOE ‘learning model’ for their children


Public school parents have until today, Friday, July 10, to decide how they want their children to learn during the new school year.

Guam Department of Education Superintendent Jon Fernandez is urging parents to fill out the agency’s Model of Learning Registration form.

This form would let public schools know about how to organize their teachers and resources to accommodate their students.

The three learning models presented by GDOE include: online learning from home, paper-based learning from home, or traditional face-to-face instruction where students would attend school on an alternating schedule.

“It’s important that information be solidified as much as possible. If we know that most of our kids want to come back to school, that’s one thing. But if you say you don’t feel comfortable and you want to be at home, we know that it’s not enough to say that you’re just going to get your instruction from home. We still want to be focused on quality. We want to be able to able to assess progress and make sure they’re learning the material,” Fernandez said.

For more information about the Model of Learning Registration Form, please visit GDOE.NET or contact your child’s school directly.

If parents don’t submit this form, their child will automatically be enrolled in the traditional instructional model.