Parents Tell Bullying Oversight Hearing They Want Guarantees Their Children Will Be Safe at School


Guam – At the 2 Day oversight hearing on bullying at the schools, parents and students told lawmakers they want guarantees that their children will be safe at school.

 Speaker Judi Won Pat, Chair on the Committee of Education says she called the oversight hearing to address dozens of complaints her office has received alleging harassment and bullying at the island’s public schools.

One parent, Angela Aguigui testified that three weeks ago her daughter was sexually harassed by two boys while attending FB Leon Guerrero Middle School. She says her daughter didn’t want to attend school after that incident. Aguigui called the FB Leon Guerrero’s vice principle Milaflor Quitugua to tell her that students are threatening her daughter.

Aguigui asked Quitugua, “What are we going to do to ensure the safety of my daughter?” But according to Aguigui, Quitugua replied, “ I can not give you a 100 percent safety guarantee for your daughter.”

Aguigui says if an administrator tells a parent that they can’t 100% guarantee the safety of their child while they are attending school, then there is something really wrong with the system. according to aguigui, when the child is in school the school’s administrators are suppose to protect the child.

Tuesday night, the oversight hearing heard from members of the Guam Education Board, the Superintendent, Deputy Superintendents and School Administrators. Won Pat said she wanted to know why DOE was not enforcing a public law that was passed during the 27th Guam Legislature, designed to protect students while in school.