VIDEO: Parks & Rec Closes Tumon Bay Beach From Hilton to PIC; 5 Stung by Jellyfish


Guam – The Department of Parks and Recreation has announced the immediate closure of  the Tumon Bay beach area from the Hilton Hotel to the Pacific Islands Club because of the presence of “Wasp Jellyfish” in the waters there.

According to a release from Parks and Rec, there have been 5 reported cases of  bathers being stung by the jellyfish at Ypao Beach Park.

Parks and Rec is advising the public to stay out of the waters along that stretch of Tumon Bay until the Wasp Jellyfish have moved on.

Samples of the jellyfish have been taken from the water and are under study.

Parks and Rec Director Pete Calvo told PNC News that he hopes the beach can be re-opened Friday, once the tides have had a chance to carry the jellyfish away, but that decision won’t be made until Friday morning after the waters off the beach have been checked to be sure the jellyfish are gone.

According to the website

The Sea Wasp Jellyfish, also known as the Box Jellyfish,  has a cube or bell shaped form and their body is often divided into different segments. It is because of their cube-like shape that they are referred to as box jellyfish.

Their bodies are transparent but some have a pale blue colour to them. They can grow to sizes of around twenty centimetres and weigh around two kilograms. Box jellyfish usually have around fifteen tentacles found on each corner of their cube-shaped bodies and they can grow to lengths of three meters. They are covered with nematocysts, which are stinging cells. A single tentacle of these species can have as many as five thousand nematocysts. These tentacles are used by the sea wasp jellyfish to capture its prey, which are made up of crustaceans and small fish.