Hagatna Pool likely to re-open soon, says Parks & Rec director


The Hagatna Pool, which has gone through the repeated open-close cycle in recent years, has been shut down again for several weeks due to the usual maintenance issues, but the Department of Parks and Recreation promised it will reopen soon.

“The pool’s leaks have been addressed we just have to comply with a couple (Guam Waterworks Authority) requirements before we turn on the water. Once we fulfill the request from GWA the pool will be up and running in no time,” Parks and Recreation Director Richard Ibanez said in an interview with K57’s Patti Arroyo on Tuesday.

The Hagatna Pool was renovated in 2015, but it has since been shut down several times due to leaks, among other problems.

Ibanez said a GWA inspector will visit the Hagatna Poll on Thursday to assess the facility’s compliance with regulations to ensure that the leaks are fixed.

Among the requirements under the regulations is the installation of a separate internal water meter.

Once the GWA gave the all-clear, the pool will reopen within days of the approval, the director said.

“We are required to ensure that we have another meter versus only having GWA’s meter,” Ibanez said. “So, we are installing an internal meter within the Hagatna Pool so that we can compare consumption with GWA’s. In case there is a spike or a difference with usage of water, then we can find out if (the problem is with) their meter or a leak.”