PARS Pushes for Inclusion of Guam in RECA


Guam – The Pacific Association for Radiation Survivors [PARS] will be holding their general membership meting this coming Sunday, October 17.

A release from Senator Ben Pangelinan’s office states that the members of PARS continue to lobby Congress for inclusion of Guam in the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act [RECA] which would make those suffering from illnesses resulting from radiation exposure eligible for compensation and medical care.

According to Pangelinan, evidence presented to the National Research Council and the National Academy of Sciences shows that “Guam did receive measurable fallout from atmospheric testing of nuclear weapons in the Pacific. Residents of Guam during that period should be eligible for compensation under RECA in a way similar to that of persons considered to be donwwinders.”

The PARS meeting will take place at the Tamuning Senior Center from 2 pm to 4 pm. Organizers are asking for a $20 dollar donation to assist in their lobbying campaign.