VIDEO: Participants Rank Guam’s Capital Third For Future Growth In Hagatna Revitalization Survey


Guam- The University of Guam’s recent Hagatna Revitalization study and Heritage Tourism Planning was presented at the Agana Shopping Center Thursday afternoon.


The presentation was conducted by Dr. Claret Ruane and Dr. Fred Schumann as part of UOG’s 60th anniversary celebration. The survey was done under the Pacific Center for Economic Initiatives between March and June of this year. 400 participants said the main reasons why they don’t visit Guam’s capital city is because there is nothing to do and it is too far.

Dr. Ruane says she was a little bothered that the survey revealed people ranked the central part of Guam first for future growth in economic and cultural activities, while the south came in second and Hagatna came in third.

“Hagatna comes in third… it doesn’t mean we don’t do anything about it” said Ruane. “Again, Hagatna has so much to offer in terms of cultural assets. In terms of economic activity, there’s so many untapped resources yet we haven’t maxed out the potential. So this is what we’re looking at.”

Ruane also says participants wanted to see the economy and culture thrive as part of Hagatna’s revitalization plan. She adds their presentations of the data collected are just a starting point to conduct future surveys in other villages.