Passengers traveling from Philippines angry at being quarantined without any warning

Passengers from the airport about to be transported to quarantine facility. (Viewer contributed file photo)

Any Guam resident returning from the Philippines will now be quarantined at a hotel for 14 days unless they have proof they tested negative for COVID-19.

That’s an update from the previous policy, which allowed all passengers to self-quarantine when they returned to Guam.

Passengers arriving on Guam this morning from Manila had no idea what was waiting for them at the airport.

It was an early morning shock for passengers on flight PR-1-10 from Manila who landed on Guam to find busses awaiting them on the tarmac to take them to mandatory hotel quarantine.

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Joe, a passenger on that flight, told K-57’s Patti Arroyo this morning that they had no clue that they’d be shipped to various hotels and were all under the impression they could go home and quarantine.

“And then when we arrived, they’re directing us where to go, fill out these forms, pick up your bags, go to the nurses, they’re going to take your information. Then we went into another holding area where we all just waited to be transported out,” Joe said.

Joe said some people on his flight were elderly or handicapped and some had children and were struggling.

He said they weren’t given any choice about the quarantine.

“I felt like an inmate. It’s like we’re being made a spectacle the way we were transported,” said Joe who’s currently at the Days Inn Hotel in Tamuning.

Another passenger, who shared a video online, said: “Who’s going to pay for this? Where are they going to get all the assets to put all these people up? This is a very knee-jerk reaction and very poor planning. I’m sure it has to be done. It should have been done a long time ago but, anyways it is what it is.”

The Joint Information Center announced last night a mandatory 14-day quarantine for Guam residents returning from the Philippines only at designated facilities.

The Governor’s office said that’s because several of the currently confirmed COVID-19 patients on Guam had recently traveled to the Philippines.

Residents returning from other destinations will be requested to self-quarantine.