Paula Conhain No Longer JGPO Communications Director


Guam – JGPO communications director Paula Conhain has been removed as JGPO communications director.


As you may recall Conhain was the JGPO official who was overheard making insensitive comments towards Chamorros in a Hagatna restaurant by Cara Flores Mays. Mays told PNC news in a prior interview that Conhain made fun of an elderly Chamorro mans accent, ridiculed his education at the university of Guam, and mocked his missing teeth. JGPO Executive Director Joe Ludivici says Conhain still works with JGPO just not as the director of communications. He explains that he made the decision to transfer Conhain after hearing the concerns of locals regarding the statements she made. Ludovici however says that he doensn’t believe Conhain is racist in any way. Ludovici has yet to name a replacement for Conhain however he says all communications to Guam will come either from him directly or out of the local JGPO office through Major Neil Ruggiero.