Pay-Less also preparing for impending styrofoam ban

Pay-Less Supermarket (PNC file photo)

Guam’s biggest supermarket chain is looking to get ready in case the styrofoam ban pulls through.

Pay-Less Supermarkets aims to be one step ahead in its efforts for sustainability.

With its Go Green Campaign, Pay-Less has been actively promoting and engaging with the community with environmentally friendly initiatives and activities.

Pay-Less chief people officer Kate Baltazar-Dodge went on air with Newstalk K57’s Patti Arroyo and says although the styrofoam ban hasn’t been approved yet, Pay-Less Supermarkets is already starting to prepare.

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“We are having those conversations in alternatives to the styrofoam. As you know, we have a tremendous selection of meats and other items like that. Some of our produce is on packaging that will soon not be allowed and which we’re perfectly fine with,” Baltazar-Dodge said.

She added: “There are packages made of corn, you know. There are so many alternatives in the market now and we will find the one that best suits us and while still providing quality products for our customers.”

The one who recommended the legislation to the legislature, Kiana Yabut of the 33rd Guam Youth Congress, says that although the hearing on the bill has been postponed, she still looks forward to testifying.

“I do plan on e-mailing Senator (Sabina) Perez. The hearing wasn’t canceled, it was just postponed. So now we’re really just waiting on her committee for an announcement date. When that announcement date comes and the hearing is announced again, then all the people who want to give testimony can start submitting,” Yabut said.

Along with Yabut, 33rd GYC Speaker Stephanie Lorenzo, Vice-Speaker and co-sponsor Al Edrich Labang, and non-profit organization Zero Hour Guam will also testify in favor of the bill as well.

Lt. Governor Josh Tenorio will also give written testimony.