Pay-Less Markets launches digital rewards and loyalty program

Pay-Less Supermarket (PNC file photo)

Pay-Less Markets is excited to announce the launch of its latest offering to customers — the Måolek Rewards Digital Coupon and Loyalty Program.

This innovative program rewards customers points for purchases, which they can then redeem for a selection of free products at various tiers.

Customers can also avail of digital coupons that they can view online and redeem at the Måolek Rewards terminals at check-out. Customers can enjoy automatic enrollment in Pay-Less promotions and sweepstakes, paper entry forms will no longer be necessary. In addition, customers can apply their existing discounts for Calvo’s Lifestyle Club and Fresh Savings for Seniors simply by being a Måolek Rewards member.

The loyalty program is free and customers can enroll through the in-lane terminal, customer kiosk in any store, or website

“This program is cutting-edge and is just the beginning. We are excited and proud to be able to offer this technology to reward our customers,” says Mike Benito, Executive VP and General Manager of Pay-Less Markets.

President and CEO Kathy Calvo adds, “Måolek of course means “good” and is aligned with what we strive to offer in value, product selection and service when shopping in our stores each and every day.”

Future plans include a community donations component and rewarding customers through a club program, which will offer deeper discounts and other rewards for customers who purchase a group of similar items frequently, such as natural and organic items, wine and spirits, produce, or meat.

Pay-Less Markets encourages everyone in the community to sign up for Måolek Rewards and “treat yourself to goodness.”

Visit for more information on the new loyalty program.