Pay-Less Supermarkets Launch Redesigned Health Smart Program

For those of you who want to live a healthier lifestyle in 2016, Pay-Less Supermarkets can help you out with the launch of their redesigned Health Smart Program.

Guam – At a ceremony this morning, Pay-Less announced changes made to the program.


At first, Health Smart was created in 2005 to highlight organic and natural products, and help build a healthier, happier community. The organic and natural products will still be highlighted, but the redesigned program adds 6 more Product Categories. The categories based on lifestyle-associated dietary needs are: Kids, Heart, Seniors, Expectant Moms, Smart Carbs, and Fit.

Not only are there broader product categories, food education and fitness are also part of the new program.

Health Smart Dietician Rosae Calvo explains that she will be leading informative “Health Smart Store Tours” for customers. She says, “What we’re doing is our Chagi also as part of Food Education. We’re going to be having food samples or simple recipes we have every Monday. I’ll be doing a tour at one of the stores and then lastly we have our fitness component. My goal really was with the rise in chronic and heart diseases, cancer, I just really felt like taking my degree and wanted to do something more and it’s a perfect setting to be in a grocery store where people are making decisions on what to feed themselves and their families.”

Pay-Less Markets is encouraging the community to join the movement to living a health lifestyle through the Health Smart program. For more information, visit