Payless Donates Money Through Small Change Big Difference Campaign


Payless Encourages Community to Get Involved With Ending Hunger

Guam – Payless supermarkets made a donation Thursday showing the success of their 6th annual small change big difference campaign.

 The campaign which began on October 20th of 2014 was created to help fight the problem of hunger on Guam by donating monetary and food items to local non-profit organizations that assist individuals who are in need. Customers can donate money towards this campaign at Payless stores in either one dollar five dollar or ten dollar denominations. The proceeds are then given to the Catholic Social Services, Kamalen Karidat, and the Salvation Army. Payless has also partnered with six vendors to create displays that show how their company will defeat hunger. They are inviting the community to participate by voting for their favorite display on the Payless Facebook page. Simply look for your favorite display and click like to let your vote be known.

 “This year we donated a total of nine thousand three hundred dollars in monetary donations from our customers and a total of sixteen thousand dollars in food product donation,” said Payless community organizer Kamerin Pereira adding, “Again I just wanna thank the community for their support. Again this is our sixth annual so it’s an ongoing campaign of course we want to encourage different customers and partners to join us this year when we launch our 7th annual small change big difference campaign.”