PDS Opposes GTA’s Deal With Advantage Partners


Guam – Pacific  Data  Systems  has  filed comments  (see  attached)  with  the  Guam  Public  Utilities  Commission  (GPUC) regarding  the  proposed  transfer  of  ownership  of  Teleguam  Holdings,  LLC  to Advantage Partners.

PDS has expressed concerns regarding the sale and has urged the GPUC to engage outside consultants to review the transaction to insure the public interest is served.

Read PDS letter to PUC Attorney Fred Horeky

Read the supplemental comments to PUC Attorney Horeky

Given recent news stories regarding financial difficulties Advantage Partners has encountered and the possibility that it may default on $2.1 Billion is debt, PDS believes it is only prudent for the Guam Public Utilities Commission to take full advantage of the 120 days they are allowed under Guam law
to have this transaction thoroughly and properly reviewed by qualified independent third party financial experts. There is no need to rush, particularly when the time to do a full independent review is available and the Public Interest is at stake.

PDS will offer testimony regarding its concerns with the transaction at the Public Hearing to be held by the GPUC on Thursday, January 27, 2011 at 6:00pm in Suite 202 GCIC Building, 414 W. Soledad Ave., Hagatna.  PDS will also be present to provide additional comments as may be invited by the
Commissioners at the Guam Public Utilities Commission Meeting which is scheduled for 6:00pm on January 31 and at which time the Commissioners will consider approving a formal Order authorizing the transfer of ownership.

Given GTA’s unique position as the incumbent local exchange carrier in Guam and its ongoing lifeline service and carrier of last resort service obligations it owes to the people of Guam and the millions of dollars of public subsidies its receives each year, the people of Guam need to be confident that this transaction is being thoroughly scrutinized on their behalf.  PDS urges members of the public the Guam Legislature and the Consumer Advocates Office to participate in this process and attend both the January 27 Public Hearing and the January 31 Commission Meeting.

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