Peeping Tom Will Now Be Required to Register as a Sex Offender


Blas was convicted in December 2013 but when he appealed his case, it bought him some time from incarceration.

Guam – The Judiciary of Guam says now that they’ve become aware that a convicted sex-offender is not registered with the sex-offender registry, they will begin processing him.


Frankie Garrido Blas, 64, was convicted about two years ago of invasion of privacy for placing a camera inside a women’s restroom at the Bank of Guam building in Hagatna.

He was sentenced to two years in prison, but because he appealed his case, he remained out on bail.

But in November last year, Blas lost his appeal, which meant that Blas was required to register “no later than three working days after being sentenced for that offense,” according to Guam law.

Judiciary of Guam Spokesperson Dana Gutierrez says that when Blas appealed his case, the requirements of his conviction were stayed. But when the judgment was affirmed, he was required to register within three days.

She says that it appears that when Blas filed another motion to reduce his sentence, that complicated matters further.

However, it’s important to note that even if Blas’s sentenced is reduced, he was still required to register as a sex-offender for life.