Pell Education Grants To Guam Students Rise to $13M in 2009-10


Guam – Guam got a total of $8,864,535 in Federal Pell Grant funds in academic year 2008-2009. The education grants went to 2,975  students on island  according to a report released by the House Committee on Education chaired by Congressman George Miller of California.


In addition, according to a release from Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo, the Preliminary grant awards for the 2009-10 academic year show an increase in Pell Grant awards to $13,105,223 which went to 3,634 Guam students.

Bordallo is quoted in the release as saying that “The Pell Grant awards program has allowed thousands of students from Guam to attend post-secondary institutions and  this Congress has worked to increase the maximum Pell Grant award in order to expand access to higher education for more students across the country given the significant increases in higher education costs.  I encourage all current and prospective college students on Guam to strive for degrees in higher education and to take advantage of federal assistance when applicable.”

Since 2007, under the Democratic-led Congress, the maximum Pell Grant scholarship for students has increased to $5,550 and will increase further starting in 2013 when the scholarship is linked to the Consumer Price Index. The Pell Grant program provides needs-based grants to students to encourage access to post-secondary education.