Perez Brothers Forges A “Concrete Alliance” With A Japanese & A Taiwanese Firm


Guam – Guam based Perez Brothers has announced that it has forged an alliance with two renowned concrete and precast companies.

[Caption: L-R: Teruyoshi Mukoyama, President of M.tec Guam Corp.; Frank AJ Perez, President of Perez-M.TEC-ACC, LLC and Executive Vice President of Perez Bros., Inc; and Jung-Hsien Chiu, Assistant Vice President of Yatung Ready-Mix Concrete.]

Prez Brothers is a private ready-mix concrete and crushed aggregates manufacturer.

They alliance is being forged with M.TEC,  a leading supplier of precast products in the Japanese market; and Asia Cement Corporation of Taiwan.

Perez Brothers has also reached a strategic agreement with Guam cement distributor, Cementon Micronesia which is currently constructing cement silos at the Port Authority of Guam.

The new company will be known as PEREZ-M.TEC-ACC, LLC. The new joint venture is a Guam limited liability company. And it will be an equal partnership between its founders, according to a release from the company.

The new partnership comes just over a month after the US Department of Defense awarded the first phase of five $4 billion design-build military construction projects (MACC) to support current military activities on Guam and in preparation of the US Marine transfer from Japan to Guam.

As a result, Perez Brothers estimates that the island’s demand for ready-mix concrete will quintuple annually compared with past demand.

The release states that the deal involves an investment of over $15 million dollars. And  the new venture will increase the number and locations of ready-mix concrete batch plants in order to meet the military and civilian demands in the upcoming years.

Perez Brothers, in their release, states that the deal will  “usher in the entry of advanced ready-mix concrete and precast prestressed technology and products to Guam’s building industry for faster and more efficient project completion.”

The release quotes Perez Brothers President Gregory Perez as saying that “Perez Bros., Inc. has been a supplier of quality concrete to the island for over 58 years since the inception of our family company by our founder, Frank D. Perez. This partnership will support our on-going commitment to maintaining the highest quality concrete products, while incorporating the latest concrete technology.”

And Vice President Tom Perez is quoted as saying that “Ready mix concrete is a key building material on Guam. Our expansion plans are driven by offering a variety of quality ready-mix concrete mixes to the on-going construction projects and to support the massive demand in the near future.”