Personal Finance Center Celebrates 40th Anniversary


Happy birthday, PFC!

Guam – The Personal Finance Center is celebrating their 40th anniversary!


A special ceremony was held Wednesday to commemorate PFC’s 40 years of service to the island. According to Personal Finance Center founder and chairman, Eduardo G. Camacho, it’s history dates back to 1976 when the business was created from a three-man team operating under the name of Pacific Financial Corporation. Now, 30 years later, the company is wholly owned by the Camacho family under their current name, Personal Finance Center. Camacho thanks and appreciates all their customers who have supported them throughout the years and he’s looking forward to another 40 years.

Camacho says, “We’re looking forward to another 40 years, which I’m not going to be around, but I have the same feeling that we have done the right thing. Thank you to the community of Guam for the support you have rendered all these years. We invite you back for another 40 years.”
Camacho explains they remain committed to deliver the same high quality financial services that the people of Guam have come to expect.