Personal Finance Center Displays Art Purchased From Guma’ Mami


Guam – The Personal Finance Center today launched a display of art from Guma’ Mami.

The “Creative Spirits” project opens the art world to individuals with disabilities.

Michael Camacho, president/CEO, and Melanie Palomo, marketing & business development manager, Personal Finance Center presented a check for $2,500 to Berni Grajek, executive director, Guma’ Mami (see picture below).

Personal Finance Center became the first company in Guam to purchase art from Guma’ Mami to be displayed in the Personal Finance Center location at the Camacho Landmark Center in Tamuning.

Berni Grajek, executive director, Guma’ Mami spoke about the Creative Spirits project during the launch ceremony this morning.

In its 14th year, the project offers opportunities for individuals with disabilities with a way to express themselves through art. 

[Photo courtesy of Personal Finance Center]