Owner of “Rainbow Bridge” Pet Crematory Files Criminal Complaint Against Wise Owl’s Dr. Joseph


Guam – Dennis Larson, the owner of Rainbow Bridge Pet Crematory says he has filed a criminal complaint against Wise Owl owner Dr. Joel Joseph.

Larsen told PNC News Thursday “we are going after theft by fraud.”

Larsen has run a cremation business for pets since 2007. It is one of only 2 such licensed businesses on island. The other cremation service run for pets is operated by Dr. Velma Harper.

Larsen said that he terminated his relationship with Dr. Joseph on December 20th of last year and that he has not cremated a deceased pet from Dr. Joseph since then. Larsen said the relationship was terminated because Dr. Joseph “was in arrears for a large amount of money” to Rainbow Bridge Pet Crematory.

But since he terminated their relationship, Larsen alleges that Dr. Joseph continued to use “Rainbow Bridge’s”  business name and forms;  and to accept money on behalf of “Rainbow Bridge” from the owners of deceased pets who sought cremation services.

“Where did the money go?” asked Larsen.

When asked what happened to the dead pets Dr. Joseph allegedly accepted for cremation on his behalf,  Larsen, referring to Dr. Harper said “She didn’t do them and I didn’t do them.”

So what happened to the dead pets? “We don’t know,” said Larsen.

Dr. Joseph is quoted in the Thursday edition of the PDN as saying that 4 pets had been waiting for cremation services “but were cremated during the last two days.”  Joseph told the PDN the animals were “cremated at a funeral home. He declined to disclose the funeral home’s name.”

That prompted the release of a joint statement from the island’s 2 funeral homes Thursday,  “Ada’s Mortuary” and “Our Lady of Peace.” That statement reads in part:

“To our knowledge, Ada’s Mortuary and Our Lady of Peace are the only two funeral homes with crematoriums on Guam. Our cremation services are strictly for human remains and our companies do not engage in pet cremations. We have not provided, nor will we provide, pet cremation services to anyone.”

The statement was signed by Ada Mortuary President Vicente Ada and “Our Lady of Peace” President Philip Flores.

On the K-57 Big Show Thursday afternoon, Larsen suggested to host Travis Coffman that the pets might be found if you “look in a dumpster.”  Dr. Joseph later told Coffman “None of them went in a dumpster.”

But Joseph again declined to revel the name of the funeral home which cremated the dogs.