Pet dog beaten, drenched in gasoline; $1,000 reward offered

Beloved family dog Zeus was beaten and his fur was wet with gasoline. (Photo courtesy GAIN)
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Guam Animals In Need is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest or indictment of those responsible for beating a family dog earlier this week.

When she came home from work on Tuesday night, a Dededo resident found her

Bloody rocks, including a large piece of cinderblock, were found near the five-year-old half pitbull and half boonie mix.

While they do hear about animal abuse cases on a regular basis, GAIN Board President Cyrus Luhr says that this particular incident is disturbing.

“This is really troubling because this is on private property and there’s not much traffic by this person’s house. So someone purposefully got gasoline, went onto private property and severely injured this pet dog,” Luhr said.

Luhr also expressed his concerns about how law enforcement handled the case, saying that the Guam Police Department has not yet reached out to the affected pet owner.

He also adds the lack of animal control officers on Guam has been detrimental in responding to such cases, noting that in the mid-’90s, there were up to 20 serving the island. Currently, there are four officers, but two of them cannot operate in the field either due to injury or because they were assigned to do administrative work.

“So we’re seeing a drop in the ability to respond to animal cruelty cases, but we’re seeing an uptick in violence. We have more animals on island than ever before and we’re starting to see people step forward and report these cases. It’s very important to prioritize animal cruelty cases because oftentimes, the perpetrators also target humans. So we need to stop these people sooner before they injure humans or we have a murder on our hands,” Luhr said.

Zeus is currently receiving treatment from a local veterinary clinic.

If you have any information about this case, please contact GAIN at 653-4246.