Pet Owner Says More Veterinarians Needed in Times of Emergency


Guam – After hours of trying to get a hold of a local veterinarian, pet owner Janelle Angeles lost hope.

She said because there were no available vets yesterday, her dog passed away as a result. 

Angeles said her dog started to get sick Saturday night, but after a few hours, her condition worsened. Desperate and worried, she went online for a directory of local vets. She said she tried to contact a few clinics, but there was no luck as vets were either unavailable or off-island. 

Angeles said, “They said that they’re closed Thursday and Sunday. I had a little hope. I thought she was going to be able to live. After that, I tried calling Wise Owl. They didn’t answer, it went straight to the fax machine, the vet was unavailable. So I didn’t know what else to do because those are the vets I checked online.”

She said no other pet owner should have to go through that experience of not knowing what to do or losing their pet. Angeles said there should be more vets available in case of emergency. 

“First of all, I think they should have updated information and we should have more vets on Guam because I don’t think any owner should go through this because it’s painful especially you know it’s in the weekend. It’s very depressing,” said Angeles.