Pfannenstiel Assures Guthertz Guam Missile Defense Will Be Installed


Guam – The Legislature’s buildup Committee Chair, Senator  Judi  Guthertz, says that she has received assurances from Assistant  Secretary  of  the  Navy  Jackalyne  Pfannenstiel that a  missile  defense  system  for  Guam  will be installed.

In response to questions from Senator Guthertz,  Pfannenstiel  wrote,  “I  can  assure  you  the Department  of  Defense  is  committed  to  ensuring  the  territories  in  the  Pacific  remain  safe – indeed, the ‘Gibraltar of the Pacific.’”

Secretary Pfannenstiel explained that a final decision had not been reached on which branch of the military would operate the missile system, but studies are currently underway to determine that.  

Pfannenstiel said that when the studies are complete, the U.S. Pacific Command will make that decision  and,  “I  will  certainly  keep  you  and  the  entire  Guam  legislature  informed  when  that occurs.”

The Department of Defense had earlier announced plans to build an Army‐operated ballistic missile system aimed at protecting both the civilian and military communities on the soon to be heavily fortified island, but Guthertz raised concerns after the Record of Decision came out and suggested that Guam was just one of many possible sites for the missile system.