Philippines Chief Justice Hopes More Technology Will Be Used In PR’s Judiciary


Guam – The 19th Pacific Regional Judicial Conference is underway at the Hyatt this week. It is a a Bi-Annual conference that comprises mostly of the justices from the Pacific Island communities including the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand.

This is the first time in 15 years Guam is hosting this event held at the Hyatt Regency Guam  and it will go on until Wednesday November 10th.
There are close to 60 justices attending and they will find strength and commonality with some of the problems that face in their judiciary.

The Philippines Chief Justice Renato Corona says he has picked up a few ideas by listening to a few of the judiciaries and hopes to apply them to the Philippines court system. One idea would de-clog the courts documents.

Corona says, “The problem sometimes in the far flung areas in the Philippines is sometimes the court dockets get lost. sometimes the judge gets transferred, maybe the legal counsel dies or the counsel is irresponsible and the poor prisonor is left rotting in jail. way, way beyond the time he is suppose to be in prison and thats what this program is addressing . We go to the different provincial jails in the far flung area and get these guys out.”

Corona  hopes more technology will be used in the Philippines because this will help speed up the docket process. He also says the countries in the Pacific region have a lot the same judiciary issues and hopes they can all learn more from other.