Philippines lifts ban on international flights


One day after announcing a 72-hour deadline for foreigners to leave the country, the Philippine government has reversed course and lifted the planned ban on international flights.

Under the original enhanced quarantine order, international airports in the main Philippine island of Luzon, including the Manila international airport and Clark international airport, would only have until midnight this Friday to accommodate all foreigners seeking to exit the country.

After this deadline, international airports in Luzon would stop all outbound international flights as part of the enhanced coronavirus quarantine adopted by the Philippine government.

But late this afternoon, the Philippine government’s Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases announced the lifting of the ban on international flights flying in and out of the Manila international airport.

According to the new advisory, all persons, regardless of nationality, except for Filipino tourists, may now fly out of the Philippines at any time.

In addition, inbound international passengers are allowed entry, subject to strict immigration and quarantine protocols.