Philippines re-eligible to participate in H-2B worker program; Guam to benefit

The Philippines is again allowed to send H2B workers to the United States. (PNC file photo)

Understanding Guam’s growing need for skilled labor, the Department of Homeland Security has designated the Philippines as eligible to participate in the H-2B non-immigrant visa program.

“Since we began office, Josh and I stressed the importance of skilled labor from the Philippines to our growing economy. Even prior to the removal of the Philippines from the H-2B nonimmigrant program in January 2019, Guam had zero approvals for civilian H-2B petitions in 2018—a significant decrease from a 95% approval prior to 2015,” said Governor Lou Leon Guerrero in a news release.

“However, with the help of our federal partners in the Department of Defense and the Department of Interior, as well as the advocacy of Delegate San Nicolas, the Department of Homeland Security acknowledges the necessity of the Philippine labor force for our growing economy,” Leon Guerrero added.

“The distinction of ‘inside the fence’ and ‘outside the fence’ does not and cannot work for Guam. This Administration’s One Guam approach has always argued that our economic stability is a national security issue. As we begin to address the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, Lou and I are satisfied with this action and remain optimistic in our recovery,” said Lieutenant Governor Josh Tenorio.