Phillips Files Class Action Lawsuit to Force GovGuam to Pay Merit Bonuses


Guam – Attorney Mike Phillips has filed a class action suit against GovGuam to enforce the issuance of merit bonuses which he says are required by GovGuam law.

In a release, Phillips argues that under Guam Law [4 G.C.A. 6203], Government agencies and departments are required to automatically issue a merit bonus to classified employees who receive superior rating evaluations. The merit bonus is equal to 3.5% of the employee’s base salary.

Phillips says that since its enactment in 1991, the Governmnet has refused to imp0lament and enforce Section6203.

The lawsuit requests the issuance of a Peremptory Writ of Mandate, compelling the Government to enforce Section 6203, and process and issue merit bonuses to classified employees who have received superior rating evaluations.

Phillips is quoted in his release as saying: “The Government cannot continue to pick and choose the laws it will voluntarily follow. The Law is clear that our clients are entitled to an automatic merit bonus when they receive a superior rating evaluation. We remain confident that the Government will finally comply with the mandates of the merit bonus law.”