Phillips Says Port is Likely to Appeal Latest CSC Case


Guam – Port Authority Attorney Mike Phillips expects the port to appeal the latest case won by an employee before the Civil Service Commission. He also thinks the port will win that appeal, and the five appeals currently pending.

Francine Rocio and her attorney may be celebrating a victory before the CSC, but the Port Authority isn’t done fighting. Legal Counsel Mike Phillips says it’s likely they’ll appeal the case.

“It’s always been very very clear that there was an agreement to get benefits…and cover up afterwords,” Phillips said of the case.

Rocio was among the seven employees accused of helping then Port Marketing Manager Bernadette Stern Meno fraudulently claim worker’s compensation benefits in 2012. Her Attorney, Georgette Bello Concepcion told PNC the Port was unable to carry the burden of proof but Phillips says that doesn’t mean there wasn’t any wrong doing.

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Phillips expects the case on the matter to go in the Port’s favor. Vivian Castro Leon is next to have the merits on her case heard.


“There is no above this time we’re talking about the people at the very very top,” Phillips said of Leon’s position at the time of the accusations.