Photos flood in: Super Typhoon Yutu

community photo

Guam – Super Typhoon Yutu is on its way away from the region and photos of its devastating aftermath, particularly from Tinian and Saipan have flooded social media. 

We seem to have weathered the worst of Super Typhoon Yutu over-night with the last update from the national weather service, rendering a path away from the Marianas. As of 443 this morning, Yutu was tracked west of Tinian and Saipan – now 30 miles NW of the two islands. This then puts the super typhoon 85 miles N of Rota, and 135 miles NNE of Guam.

However despite its movement away from the region, Typhoon warnings remain for the Rota, Tinian and Saipan – to include a tropical storm warning from Guam, Alamagan, Pagan and Agrihan – conditions that are anticipated to take us into the rest of this morning – with Yutu’s 180 mph winds – continuing its movement NW at 13 mph which is expected have since moved WNW with a slight decrease in forward speed over the next 24 hours. Weather conditions may begin to clear up gradually – so in the meantime remain cautious as we begin to assess the aftermath.