Pictures Show Devastation of Ulithi Atoll in Yap State, FSM


No Deaths Reported But Many Houses Crops and Vegetation Destroyed

Guam – PNC has received pictures of the devastation in the Atoll of Ulithi in Yap state of the FSM.



 The pictures were forwarded to us from Joshua Walsh who has been in contact with family members in Ulithi and Yap. They were taken from a Pacific Missionary Aviation or PMA plane and were posted to Facebook by Dennis Talmimelipiy. Walsh reports that the outer island high school was totally damaged any roofs with tin were destroyed and a lot of their vegetation and crops were damaged or destroyed. Walsh says no deaths or major injuries have been reported yet. He says most of the people are just now starting to do damage assessments Ulithi will likely need a lot of food and other supplies. The PMA plane is also in need of fuel to assist it in making more flights to the islands of Ulithi with supplies. Ulithi is an atoll in Yap state made up of 36 islands 4 of which are inhabited.