Pika’s team takes over operation of Pay-Less Market Deli in Maite

From left to right: Lingo Quichocho, Makadeli LLC Owner; Pika and Lenny Fejeran, Makadeli LLC Owners; Robby Carbullido, Makadeli LLC Owner; Mike Benito, Pay-Less Executive Vice President and General Manager; Kathy R. Calvo, Pay-Less President and Chief Executive Officer

Pay-Less Markets is proud to welcome the new operator of Market Deli and Bakery in the Maite Pay-Less location.

Makadeli LLC owners, Lenny and Pika Fejeran, Lingo Quichocho, and Robby Carbullido, plan to enhance the full-service deli with an assortment of quick meals on the go, meals for the whole family, and platters for large gatherings. Their food offerings will range from hot foods to stations featuring sushi, sandwiches, and salads. Pay-Less and Makadeli LLC are excited to begin this partnership to provide their customers with comfort foods to bring into their very own homes.

Makadeli’s experience and expertise in the restaurant industry will enhance the popular Market Deli and Bakery. All 4 partners have proven synergy working together in Guam’s restaurant industry.

Leading the team is Lenny and Pika who created Pika’s Cafe, where Robby Carbullido was GM for 10 years. In 2015, Lenny, Pika, and Chef Lingo created Kitchen Lingo which elevated the Hagatna fine-dining and craft cocktails scene. More recently, Pika and Lenny opened Kådu House, a local comfort food take-out restaurant in Mangilao. The restaurant closed its doors in August, but the team and recipes have been transferred over to the Market Deli.

Makadeli’s foundation of all of their businesses has been their commitment to the community, team, and guests. Pika Fejeran, Makadeli LLC partner says, “We will continue to enforce community support through the relationships we’ve built with our farmers, local artists, and other small businesses. We see our team as our first customers- they must be treated with respect and supported by us as a company. And of course, we value our customers, and strive to consistently provide them with the best products and our island hospitality. We strive to thrive together.”

The values of Makadeli perfectly align with Pay-Less’ mission to provide their customers with the ‘Hafa Adai’ spirit and to build their family of valued and impassioned employees. The promise to provide fresh quality products all packaged into an exciting food shopping destination will be showcased through the partnership between Pay-Less and Makadeli.

“Pay-Less has been in business for over 70 years, but we are always looking to create new and exciting shopping experiences for our customers. Pika, Lenny, Robby and Lingo have elevated the level of culinary options on Guam with food that would be desired in any locale. Now, it will be readily available at Maite Pay-Less. We are two local companies with similar visions, and it made perfect sense to partner with them,” says Mike Benito, Executive Vice President of Pay-Less Markets.

Lenny Fejeran, Makadeli LLC partner shares the same sentiments and says, “We’re really excited to have the opportunity to partner with Pay-Less and take-over their Market Deli operations. We did some consulting with them in 2018 and helped them design the Market Deli kitchen plan, but were not able to take on the operations at the time as we continued with our other restaurants. But now, with everything that has happened in the last 5 months with COVID, we consider this pivot into retail a blessing, as it will allow us to continue following our passion of cooking food that makes people happy. We’ve assembled a strong and capable team and are ready to get in there and get to work!”

As the new team transitions to take over Market Deli, Kathy R. Calvo, Pay-Less President and Chief Executive Officer is confident that “the experienced Makadeli LLC group will definitely raise the bar in the 2,400 sq. ft. Maite Market Deli. This is a win-win combination for both our teams and I’m confident our customers will be pleased!”

(Pay-Less News Release)