Pink Ball is Back in Support of Multiple Nonprofit Organizations


Dust off your best shoes – and get your best tux or dress ready!
Following a 3 year hiatus, Pink Ball Guam, one of the biggest gala on the island is making a return this weekend to help support multiple nonprofit organizations.

PNC’s Althea Engman has the report from the Dance Floor…

For the 9th year, the annual Pink Ball Gala will be taking place at the Dusit Thani Guam.

You can expect many surprises, live performances, raffles, and a wide variety of food.

This year’s theme is freedom as it sets the tone for the island breaking free from lockdown and the pandemic, according to event organizers.

Dominique Rose Felix – Leon Guerrero, Event Coordinator for the Pink Ball said, “That’s the theme, hope, love, and compassion, is the theme of the people in itself, because of our beneficiaries who and why we do this, we want to help those in need, and provide those to them, through this event.”

Leah Beth O. Naholowaa, Chairwoman of the Pinkball added, “It’s not just being free, and not having masks, it’s also the freedom to celebrate, freedom to worship, freedom to choose who you love, it’s a lot of, there’s a lot of things when you say freedom so that’s why we chose this theme this year and hope, compassion, and love, everything we do centers around hope, compassion, and love.”

This year they are adding more beneficiaries compared to before.

They will be writing checks made out to 4 different organizations; Guam Cancer Care, Harvest House, Starbase, and Women in Aviation.

Naholowaa said, “There are actually 4 beneficiaries, so Guam cancer care has been our beneficiary for the past 9 years and when harvest came along, we saw the need for foster kids having no homes and also abandoned kids, that they take care and they need funding to sustain their operations, and starbase because we need to build our capacity in Guam. We have a lot of students going to stem programs but we need to have some more things for them to do, more avenues for them to do, so this is our way of helping them.”

On top of their beneficiaries, they will also begin their scholarship program later this year.

Dominique Rose Felix – Leon Guerrero shared with PNC that her late mom, who used to be part of the committee, passed away due to cancer.

Leon Guerrero said that she is honored to commemorate her mom’s memory by being part of the committee.

Moreover, Dominique shared that, following extensive meetings for the past 4 months, she’s excited to see their hard work finally pay off.

Adding that everyone in the committee is blessed to live their current life and now they want to share that blessing with those who need it.

Furthermore, during the gala, Mig Ayesa will be coming back for the 2nd year, to provide live entertainment for the guests.

Mig Ayesa said in an interview with PNC, “I had a great time the first time, one of the best gigs I’ve ever done as far as how they took care of me, the people I was working with, charities who are involved in the pink ball, and it meant a lot to me asking me to come back, so I’m very thrilled to hear.”

Stay tuned for upcoming Instagram live raffles leading up to the event as well as raffles at the event.

And, there are only a few tickets available and you can email if you are interested.